Ethnikis Antistaseos 57B

Chalandri 15231 - Athens

+30 210.696.5000

Ethnikis Antistaseos 57B

Chalandri 15231 - Athens

+30 210.696.5000

Athens Exchange

Hellenic Stock Exchange

Pantelakis Securities S.A. offers a range of services related to the Athens Stock Exchange to all categories of investors.

International Markets

International Markets

Pantelakis Securities S.A. offers its clients the opportunity to expand their investment options by gaining access to the largest foreign stock exchanges and derivatives.

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Mutual Funds

The Mutual Funds provide savers/investors with an alternative to purchasing ready-made portfolios, rather than shaping their individual portfolios themselves.

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Investing in Bonds covers client needs that are mainly aimed at maintaining the invested capital and earning regular income.

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Online transactions create an alternative service network with reliability, transaction speed and access to multifaceted financial information.

Institutional Clients

Institutional Investors

Pantelakis Securities S.A. provides systematically integrated and reliable investment services.

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Custody and learing

Pantelakis Securities S.A., as part of its integrated brokerage services, provides complete clearing and custody services.