Pantelakis Securities S.A. provides systematically integrated and reliable investment services to institutional investors and organizations. Its clientele in this area includes institutional investors, such as insurance funds, portfolio investment companies, insurance companies, occupational insurance funds, mutual funds, institutions and a number of organizations.

Institutional customer service includes the transmission of orders for products traded both on the Greek Stock Exchange and on the largest stock exchanges of shares and derivatives abroad, as well as the timely and valid information required for investment decisions in the institutional portfolios.

The Research department of Pantelakis Securities SA prepares both investment strategy studies and extensive studies for listed companies, which, among other things, include an analysis of the company’s strategy and prospects, competition conditions, forecasting results for future years as well as stock valuation data.

Additionally, the Research department regularly communicates with Greek and Foreign institutional investors and participates in analyst roadshows abroad in order to promote the company’s investment proposals.

Finally, it organizes both corporate road-shows and conferences for the Greek market abroad as well as individualized visits of foreign institutional investors to listed companies in Greece (Reverse road-shows).

Our company has transferred its analysis to a secure platform via the internet, allowing access only to its registered and authorized investors.

If you are a client and want access, visit the new website or contact your Pantelakis Securities representative.

Pantelakis Securities executes institutional client orders for derivatives listed on the Athens Derivatives Exchange. Traded products are futures and options of single stocks and various stock indices as well as stock borrow/lending products.

Our certified employees are focused in offering the most integrated and dependable services to our institutional clients and are trained to provide specialist advice to professional clients including complex trading, arbitrage and hedging strategies involving Greek Assets.

Pantelakis Securities S.A. provides its institutional clients with services for receiving and transmitting orders in the Derivatives Market on the Athens Stock Exchange, with underlying securities, stock indices, shares, exchange rates, metals and agricultural products.

Oriented to provide comprehensive and reliable investment services to institutional investors, its certified executives provide all the necessary clarification on derivatives markets.

Pantelakis Securities S.A. participates in the international capital markets and provides investors with Greek and international bonds, corporate or government, as basic tools for risk dispersion, capital protection and income generation.

It also provides access to negotiable Fixed Income ETFs, in all regulated markets.