Pantelakis Securities S.A., within the framework of its integrated brokerage services, provides full transaction clearing and custody services, covering all the securities held by its clients in the Greek and international stock markets.

Custody services include:

1) Safekeeping of Securities

2) Participation in corporate operations such as:

– Share Capital Increases
– Participation in Public Proposals / Public Offers
– Collection of dividends on Greek and foreign shares
– Commitment of shares for participation in general meetings

3) Detailed statement of securities and money via e-mail or postal (postal consignment is exceptional and charged).

4) Withholding and refund of tax to the tax authorities on dividends, capital gains, interest rates on behalf of the client.

5) Issuance of certificates for tax purposes.

Pantelakis Securities S.A., aiming to improve the return on cash of its clients, has expanded the number of Banks in which it places the available credit balances in Term Deposits or Interest-bearing Bank Accounts.

The selection of banks is done with every diligence and undergoes an annual re-evaluation, in order to take into account the prevailing conditions.

Through the expansion of its partnerships, the company has achieved a significant increase in the return on cash for day placements. At the moment, it is possible to invest the money held in USD ($) in Time Deposits for up to 6 months, with a very attractive return.

The company’s fee is calculated based on the interest rate it will receive from the cooperating Banks and the investment amount.

Depending on the type and duration of the investment, the credit interest is repaid at maturity. In some investment cases, the disbursement is made every 6 months.

From 1/1/2013, a 15% tax is withheld on interest on deposits, which is attributed to the Greek State.

Pantelakis Securities S.A. immediately sends the corresponding updates for the transactions made by its clients via e-mail or by post to the addresses declared by them (postal consignment is exceptional and charged).

Upon request, the Company sends the necessary dividend certificates for tax purposes.

Pantelakis Securities S.A. Aiming at better customer service, it allows them to convert their cash into other currencies such as the US Dollar (USD), the Australian Dollar (AUD), the British Pound (GBP), etc., as long as they are linked to investment services.