TradeDirect is a separate division of Pantelakis Securities S.A., which gives you online access to the ATHEX, Foreign Markets and your Pantelakis Securities S.A. accounts online.

From the moment you become our client, you will be able, via the Internet, to be informed in real time about the prices of Greek shares, to control your portfolio and to carry out stock exchange transactions.

TradeDirect makes it easier to manage your investment portfolio. As long as you have a computer connected to the Internet, you can access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Through TradeDirect you can:

  • Be informed about the stock prices in real time
  • Give Buy and Sell orders with automated procedures
  • Cancel pending or partially executed orders
  • Change the details of a pending or partially executed command
  • Be informed about your cash balance in real time
  • Monitor all maintained accounts (ATHEX, Margin, Foreign Shares)
  • Keep accounts in non-Euro currencies such as US Dollars (USD) and British Pounds (GBP)
  • Be informed about the status of your orders
  • Be informed about your account transactions
  • Have access to the analysis issued by the Research and Analysis department
  • Have access to stock statistics
  • Be informed about the current Corporate Αctions
  • Be informed about the upcoming Public Subscriptions.
  • Transfer your available cash balance to your declared bank account

TradeDirect service is offered to all clients of Pantelakis Securities S.A. with a commission of 0.35% and a minimum commission of the license plate in the amount of 5€.

Alternatively, you can trade stock exchanges through the TradeDirect Telephone Orders department so that you have another way to access the ATHEX. Through the Order department of TradeDirect you have the opportunity to give buying and selling orders, cancel orders and be informed about the share prices.

As TradeDirect clients you will enjoy other services offered by Pantelakis Securities S.A., such as:

  • Ability to place the available cash balance of your account on time deposits or interest-bearing bank accounts. (Cash Management)
  • Participation in Public Registrations

At Pantelakis Securities S.A. We always take the necessary measures to guarantee the security and integrity of our clients’ transactions. This is why we use secure technology (Verisign, Account Number and Security Code Encryption) ensuring that TradeDirect clients enjoy maximum security using our services.

To subscribe to the Tradedirect service, we remind you that:

1. The Client Code is the stock exchange code that is kept in our company.

2. The relevant password (Secret Code) should consist of 6 to 16 characters and should include at least 1 alphanumeric, 1 numeric and 1 special character. The Security Code is given to you by phone by the Customer Service department after first identifying your personal information and it is necessary to change it during the 1st login process.

3. In case of an error when entering the Security Code more than 3 times, your password is locked and you should contact the TradeDirect department at Pantelakis Securities S.A.

4. It is necessary to select a specific security question and a specific answer from the user. The answer to the security question must be entered in each Login to the Service.

For any information on how to enter the TradeDirect Service, please contact the Electronic Transactions department of Pantelakis Securities SA. by phone: +30 210 696.5496 or via the contact form

For new Clients

For a new brokerage account in the TradeDirect service, the General Terms of Brokerage Transactions, the Pricing Policy of our Company must be signed and all the necessary supporting documents that are described in detail in the cover letter must be presented.
You can send the completed documents to the following address:
Customer service department

Pantelakis Securities S.A.
Ethnikis Antistaseos 57B Chalandri, 15231

After receiving and processing the documents you sent us, we activate your password and send you a copy of your contract.
For more information contact us at +30 210 696 5496, or through the contact form on our site, asking us to send you the documents for opening an account.

For clients of Pantelakis Securities S.A.

If you are already a client of Pantelakis Securities S.A., all you need to do is send us the Supplementary Agreement to use TradeDirect.
You can obtain the supplementary contract in the following ways:
– You can visit Pantelakis Securities S.A. at our offices located in Chalandri, 57B Ethnikis Antistaseos.
– You can fill in your details in the contact form and we will send you the supplementary contract by post.
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