Our company realises that the quality of its structure and organization has an impact on the quality of its services. The periodic appraisal of our staff performance and the continuous improvement of our internal operating procedures and practices are designed towards this end. At the same time, Pantelakis Securities places a high value on technology and is steadily investing in the adoption of the latest technological innovations in the industry.

The ultimate beneficiaries of this constant process are our clients who enjoy services of the highest level, which are tailored to meet their requirements.

Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board & CEO

Nikolaos I. Pantelakis

Vice Chairman

Athanasios A. Drogossis


Doukas-Pavlos I. Paleologos


Andreas I. Pantelakis

Executive Member

George-Spyridon N.Pantelakis

The constant value of the Company in the field, in combination with its experienced and dynamic staff, offers the safest choice for the client.
The client, through daily contact, realizes the seriousness and responsibility that characterize the employees, who staff the individual departments of the Company as follows:

– Department of Internal Audit and Compliance
– Research Department
– Derivatives Department
– Institutional Sales Department
– Market Making Department
– Greek Equities Department
– Private Clients Sales and Electronic Trading (Trade Direct) Department
– World Market Sales Department
– Systems Management and Administration Department
– Customer Service, Custody and Clearing Department
– Department of Financial Services
– Department of Investment Banking
– Risk and Credit Management Service

The driving force behind Pantelakis Securities S.A. is its human resources.
The Company knows that its success depends on its people and invests in them through their continuous training, multiple support and motivation.
It has created a model and meritocratic work environment and develops relationships of mutual respect and trust with its executives, providing important opportunities for professional development but also maintaining its human face despite its development.


Certified Employees