The new service of Pantelakis Securities provides you with the possibility of conducting transactions on the Athens and Derivatives Exchange as well as for all Foreign Markets, via smart phone iPhone and Android. Just install the Mobile TradeDirect app, which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Mobile TradeDirect provides you with the following features:

  • Transmission of purchase/sale orders
  • Command management (change or cancel order)
  • Information on the execution of the orders of the current day
  • Information on the overall valuation of your portfolio
  • Information about your financial balance
  • Update of stock prices in real time
  • Dynamic charts for market monitoring

The TradeDirect mobile application supports the following functions:
Portfolio: View all portfolios. By selecting a share we are informed about our position, the Acquisition Price and its return.
Portfolio Analysis: By opening the Portfolio Analysis option we monitor our cash, the value of the portfolio, the cash that has been committed in time deposit, the daily purchases and sales as well as the accounting and the available balance.
Orders: Display all orders we have sent to the Stock Exchange. The canceled orders are displayed in red, the executed ones are displayed in green, and the non-executed or partially executed ones are displayed in orange.
Executions: Display of all executed orders that we have transmitted to the Stock Exchange.
Search: Enter the title of the stock we want.
News: Display of financial news.