Mutual funds provide savers/investors with an alternative to buying ready-made portfolios, instead of shaping their individual portfolios themselves. In particular, Mutual Funds offer a number of advantages to individual investors, due to organization, feasibility and experience, in order to achieve relatively acceptable returns for investors.

Mutual Funds

The components of the Mutual Funds are:

  • A specific investment purpose.
  • A variety of stocks, bonds and other securities as well as cash.
  • A group of people who exercise professional management of the above portfolio.
  • A specific way of calculating the value of investments on a daily basis.
  • A specific way of entry and exit of investors from the Fund.

A specific legal framework that will institutionalize the above.The investment proposals of Pantelakis Securities cover a wide variety of alternative options in mutual funds of all categories such as equity, mixed, bond, cash management, with investments in the Greek and international markets.