Pantelakis Securities SA offers a range of investment services related to the Athens Stock Exchange to all categories of investors.
Individual clients have the ability to conduct their transactions themselves directly and securely through the Trade Direct service or to forward their order to the department responsible for receiving and executing orders or finally to contact a competent certified executive for investment advice, update and provision of any necessary information. The pricing policy differs depending on the choice of service offered.
All accounts are prohibited from selling securities that are not owned by the client (Short Selling), except in accordance with the procedures established by the regulatory framework.

Pantelakis Securities SA is one of the founding members of the Derivatives Market of the Athens Stock Exchange and has the Type A Trader license, conducting transactions on behalf of clients as well as special trading services.
It holds a leading position in terms of market share and provides services to private and institutional investors, Greeks and foreigners.
The company offers all derivative products that are related to Greek shares and are traded on the Derivatives Market of the Athens Stock Exchange, such as:
– Futures and Options Indices (FTSE/ATHEX Large Cap and FTSE/ATHEX Banks)
– Futures and Options on specific large and medium-sized shares
– Borrowing securities in specific shares.

The specialized executives of the company are always available to execute the orders of the clients and to help them in formulating the appropriate investment strategy.

Cash Account

If you choose a Cash Account, you should be aware that in order to purchase shares, your account must have the corresponding amount in cash.
The transaction without sufficient cash balance in your account is possible only in exceptional cases and after approval by the Company’s Management. In this case, the repayment of the debit balance can be done either by transferring cash to the account of Pantelakis Securities SA. in one of the cooperating banks or with a check payable up to T+2.
In case of non-payment of the debit balance up to T+2, a mandatory liquidation is made at T+3, for an amount corresponding to it. If you are interested in trading in excess of your cash balance, you can choose either the 2-Day Credit Account or the Margin Account, which are governed by specific rules and restrictions. The signing of a separate contract is a prerequisite.

2D Credit Account T+2 (2D Account)

If you choose a Two-Day Credit Account (T+2 where T: transaction date) you should know that:

1) Your Account can be debited beyond the same day (T) and up to T+2.
2) The repayment of the debit balance can be done either by cash deposit or by sale up to T+2.
3) In case of unpaid purchases, mandatory liquidation is made at T+3, for an amount corresponding to the debit.
4) The Credit Account up to T+2 is governed by restrictions set by the Company. The restrictions concern the number of shares, the maximum acceptable concentration per security, the category of shares, depending on the amount of credit.
5) The Credit Account is charged with debit interest.
Caution: we inform you that the 2D account poses a significant risk of capital loss for regular users.

Margin Account

The Company, in cooperation with Eurobank-Ergasias SA, provides for the purchase of shares listed on the ATHEX the possibility of transactions through Margin Accounts, by crediting the price of the transaction.
Margin Accounts are high risk because leverage is used (Credit) and in the event of a fall in the stock prices that make up the portfolio the losses will be significantly higher than those that the client would have if he did not use credit.
According to the policy of Eurobank-Ergasias Bank, the Margin Account provides the client with the opportunity to purchase shares until his debit balance reaches 60% of the valuation of the Security Portfolio (40% margin) committed to the margin account. In case the debit balance exceeds 70% (30% margin) of the valuation of the Client Security Portfolio (this may happen in case the valuation of the Client Security Portfolio decreases), the Company calls the client (margin call) requesting to deposit money, sell securities or transfer other items to the Security Portfolio so that the debt portfolio correlation returns below 70%.
Clients wishing to activate a Margin Account will need to sign the relevant contract forms.