Our company was founded in 1920 by the Pantelakis family and is one of the oldest names in the Greek brokerage industry.

Poioi Eimaste

After several decades of successful development, in 1991 the Pantelakis family transferred its majority stake to Midland Bank and the company assumed the trading name Midland Pantelakis Securities, naming minority partner Mr. Nikos Pantelakis as CEO.

Eventually, Midland Bank was incorporated into the HSBC Group and the company was renamed HSBC Pantelakis Securities. In 2011, the HSBC Group acquired the remaining minority stake of Mr. Nikos Pantelakis, renaming the company HSBC Securities.

In August 2012, a small group of investors led by Mr. Nikos Pantelakis resumed control of the company from HSBC and renamed it Pantelakis Securities S.A.

Pantelakis Securities is a member of the Athens Stock Exchange and provides brokerage and ECM services in the Greek Equities, Bond and Derivatives markets. In cooperation with HSBC London, our company also offers access to all the major international Equities and Derivatives markets.

Our company offers a broad array of services to Institutional and Private clients. Focusing on talent and technology, it provides its clients with knowledge of and access to the Greek and the majority of foreign markets, through its pioneering TradeDirect internet platform and advanced FIX/electronic connectivity capabilities.

Pantelakis Securities S.A. is well established as one of the ten leading brokerage companies in Greece. For a number of years our company has continued to rank among the top companies in Thomson – Extel’s annual surveys for Country Sales and Research services offered to its Institutional clients.

The success of our company was established by our thorough knowledge of the market, our respect of investors’ needs and our firm commitment to integrity and transparency. Our company continues its successful journey by working with highly educated and trained personnel, constantly offering new investment products and taking advantage of modern technological developments.