Pantelakis Securities S.A. offers its clients the opportunity to expand their investment options by gaining access to the largest stock exchanges and derivatives abroad.
The specialized group of executives of the company transmits the orders directly to the foreign stock exchanges, while it provides daily to the Greek and Foreign investors who trust it all the necessary information and advice. Transactions are carried out through HSBC Bank plc in London and clearing is carried out through HSBC Bank France.

Thanks to its specialized executives, it offers the following comprehensive services:

1) Immediate execution of transactions in a variety of investment products:
– Shares of listed companies
– ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds)
– ADR’s (American Depository Receipts)
2) Timely clearing of transactions, which is accompanied by:
– Issuance of purchase/sale plates
– Conversion of the client’s money into the currency of purchase of the security when required
3) Complete custody services that include:
– Maintenance and safekeeping of securities
– Order management and participation in corporate operations
– Dividend collection

Thanks to its know-how, Pantelakis Securities S.A. provides services for receiving and transmitting orders in the largest markets for derivative products, giving its clients access to derivative products – futures and options – on stocks, equity indices, exchange rates, bonds, commodities, etc. traded on the most important derivatives exchanges in the world.

The variety of products available gives investors the opportunity to hedge various investment risks, but also to take advantage of a flexible investment option.

Through HSBC Futures, the company has direct access to all major regulated markets, such as ICE Futures US & Europe, Eurex, Euronext, CME, CBOT and CBOE.

For more information about the activity in the foreign derivatives markets you can contact the Derivatives department at +30 210 696 5410 or via e-mail at

Cash Account

When opening a Cash Account for International Stock Exchanges, you should be aware that in order to purchase shares you must have the corresponding cash balance in your account.

It is not possible to buy foreign shares on credit.


When opening a Derivatives account that is traded on International Stock Exchanges, you should be aware that your account should always have the required insurance margin.